SHD airdrop reward is NOW available

#ShardingDAO platform token SHD airdrop rewardđź’° is NOW available.

You can enter the conneted wallet to receive the airdrop reward.

Please be REMIND that any airdrop reward hasn’t been claimed by Jul. 15th 11:00 A.M.(GMT+8) will automatically be withdrawed.

hello,my bsc address 0x4BC0AE26936561cb32B26DAdA4C2Fb0577054100 stake bnb for some days,but i don’t receive the airdrop


Please switch to Ethereum to claim the airdrop, if your connected address is one of the 800.

How’s the 800 addresses selected?
As an upcoming NFT fragmentation protocol and a marketplace for the shards, Sharding DAO has picked the 600 most active addresses in trading volume, primarily on Niftgatewaym, Rarible, Openseas, Superrare, with the rest of the top 200 address on Snapshot that has the most votes.
ShardingDAO Exclusive Airdrop & Mining Phase 1 | by ShardingDAO | Mar, 2021 | Medium