ShardingDAO Mining Phase 2 will launch tomorrow🚀 Follow the rules! Stake TODAY!

:alarm_clock:Apr. 13th 11:00 a.m. (GMT+8) ShardingDAO Phase 2 mining totaled at 21,000,000 SHD. Stake TODAY!!

:moneybag:During this period, users can make $SHD profit on ShardingDAO platform, following the rules of liquidity mining with " $SHD - $ETH " and " $SHD - $BNB " Tokens.

$SHD Rewards of the mining pools:
$SHD - $ETH :heavy_plus_sign: $SHD - $BNB :point_right: 90%
“Shard-Subscription Tokens” of TOP 2 Volume :point_right: 10% (Divided equally by all farmers)

:high_brightness:The total rewards will be released following the 4-year halving rule.