Sharding Bar goes live today! Stake $SHD with Sharding Bar

:moneybag:Capture additional income dividends! Stake $SHD with Sharding Bar​:money_mouth_face:

As $SHD staked in Sharding Bar continues to increase, each $SHD staked can be exchanged for more $SHD after 7 days lock-up.:chart_with_upwards_trend:

The profit comes from ShardingDAO team’s share of NFT shards.

Join us, gain more.:fist:

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Hi there!

I staked some SHD more than 7 days ago but I don’t see any update on the APY or any update on the SHD accumulated or gained. I looks like frozen. When we’ll be able to see how many dividends are we creating while staking?


When “Buy Out” succeed, the SHD staked in Sharding Bar will have extra earns.

Following more details👇

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