NFT thumbnail of opense storefront made NFT

Hi, when I tested with ERC1155 NFT which made by opensea storefront, it can’t show thumbnail.

are there somehow show the thumbnail made by opensea ?


Because Japanese very famous Artist Takashi Murakami will start auction next week.

But his NFT is made by opensea storefront…omg…

if it is possible to show thumnail of NFT at shardingDAO, I will buy his NFT and put it on sharding.

Wow! It would be great if we can see Takashi Murakami’s work on ShardingDAO, thank you very much for your contribution to ShardingDAO! Our team hope you have a successful auction!

For the problem you had, it may not be loaded normally due to network or cache reasons. Please try to refresh the page first. If the problem is still not resolved, please send us feedback, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi Team

Thx for quick reply and warm message.
regarding thumbnail problem, it looks I can’t see even clear the cash.
can you check the detail?

here is the link of my test NFT.


Hi Akky, hmmm are you saying you can’t see the thumbnail and the market cap of your NFT? Could you send over a screenshot to our Community Manager Brison on his telegram @brisonli ? He will help you out.

Have a nice day man.

ShardingDAO Team