Limited time only! Post your favorite pools that you want to mine the most!

During the Mining Phase 1, we have received many comments and suggestions from community users. Your participation and support to the ShardingDAO team are VERY IMPORTANT to us.

And, our team decided to add an additional single-coin mining pool, which will last for 14 days. A total mining reward of 30,000 SHD will be paid from the Marketing Fund. This time, the mining pool will be determined by everyone from ShardingDAO community! Here is what is gonna happen:

:one: Reply or Quote the accordance Twitter, or post in the Forum sticky post. Tell us the Token Symbol you want in the format of “Token Symbol-Chain (Ethereum or BSC)”. The vote will end at April 11th 24:00 (GMT+8). At that time we will count the number of NOMINATIONS + LIKES of all community users.
:two: We will select the TOP 6 tokens of Ethereum + TOP 2 of BSC for the final scattershot with the existing 12 mining pools (except ETH and BNB, which does NOT interfere with phase 2 mining)! We will initiate a proposal in scattershot on April 13 for the final vote, and the specific rules will be announced at that time.

Users are welcome to actively participate in this vote, join us, support us, and gain more!

Deadline: 24:00 on April 11 (GMT+8)

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On April 13th, please stay tuned.

TRIBE - Ethereum chain

My Ethereum token list:

1.DOT - Ethereum
2.XRP - Ethereum
3.UNI - Ethereum