The World's first fragmentation of An ENS

The world’s first fragmentation of an ENS : The Fragmentation of “fragmentation.ens”.

This is not only the first fragmentation of an ENS, it is also an idea that we want to share with the community of ShardingDAO users.

Unlike other types of NFT, ENS is a utility token. On the Internet, a domain name may be worth millions of dollars. We believe that the growth of cryptocurrency world is going to be exponential, just like what the internet use to be. A lot of whale enterprises will rise up, and ENS names are going to be rare resources. This makes investing in ENS very promising.

Today a rare ENS like “wallet.ens” is already worth
more than 400 ethers. An average person cannot afford it. However, if we can fragment a rare ENS into 10000 shards, a single shard costs far less than 1 ether so that average people could also join the game. Moreover most of ENS are traded in auctions currently, which are inefficient for price discovery. The trades of shards will help discover the real value of an ENS.

Shard Information:

  • shardPoolId :11
  • shardName :ENSFragment
  • shardSymbol :ENS-F

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